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FrogPro Orthos Med Pouch
FrogPro Orthos Med Pouch
FrogPro Orthos Med Pouch
FrogPro Orthos Med Pouch
FrogPro Orthos Med Pouch

FrogPro Orthos Med Pouch

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At TSI, we've tried almost every Med Pouch variant out there, and this one from FrogPro is a game-changer.  Order from TSI, and shipping is INCLUDED to Continental US!** We prefer to run in the lumbar position on a belt - but it is customizable for many carry options.

Orthos Pouch Includes:

• Orthos Med Pouch
• 1 black plastic medical cross insert
• 2 Multi Purpose Organizer 4×3 with handle
• 1 ITW Nexus® Tactical Toggle
• 4 ITW Nexus® Cordloc
• 2 meters of 1/8″ shock cord

The FrogPro Orthos Med Pouch is designed to hold an easily accessible and highly customizable Individual First Aid Kit without interfering with a chest rig or plate carrier.

The core is in FrogPro's MPO (Multi Purpose Organizers) system, which not only offers a significant weight reduction, but also endless customization possibilities, breaking the static concept of classical medical pouches.

The pouch features 3 different attaching options:

• Laser cut MOLLE backer for attaching on PALs webbing;
• Velcro® One-Wrap strips for attaching on combat belt at the 6 o’clock position;
• YKK® zip for optional attachment below a chest rig or plate carrier 

The tubular structure of the pouch, made of MIL-W-5664 4″ elastic band, remains attached to the load bearing equipment, while the medical content secured on two Multi Purpose Organizers can be extracted with one hand from either side.

Retention of the content can be adjusted at will via two lateral bungee systems, routed through the pouch and secured via ITW Nexus Cordloc.

The Orthos Med Pouch features a built-in compartment for holding nitrile gloves and a dedicated space for the tourniquet with a laser engraved identification TQ marking.

Available in Black, Tan, Coyote, Ranger Green, Multicam®, Multicam® Black.

**Ships only to Continental US. If you live outside the the Continental US, and wish to order FrogPro products, please email TSI at for instructions.  Any orders placed outside Continental US without contacting TSI will be automatically refunded.